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Versija 1.19.1
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Serverio aprašymas:

---------- Games ----------
🔴 Vanila
Survival vanilla.
🔴 Survival no claims
Survival with basic commands.
🟢 Survival with claims
Survival with basic commands and claims.
🔴 Anarchy
Gamemode with cheating allowed (unless it harms server or crashes it).
🟢 Factions
Survival with claims, but those can be raided if you die.
🟢 Creative
Place to build for builders. Plotworld.
🔴 Skyblock
Skyblock without mines, but with shop.
🔴 Prison
Mine, Rankup, build in plotworld, fight in pvp arena
---------- Minigames ----------
Fight everyone
🔴 MurderMystery
Find out who is the killer and kill him, or be the killer
🔴 VillageDefense
Defend the villagers from mobs
🔴 TheBridge
Run through bridge without falling and in hole to score
🔴 HideAndSeek
Be the seeker and find the players, or hide
🟢 Bedwars
Break enemy bed & kill them, while protecting your bed and avoiding being killed
🔴 Survival Games
loot the world and kill your enemies
🟢 Parkour
Reach parkours finish
🔴 Spleef
Dig and make players fall in void, while trying to not fall in void yourself
🔴 StandOnBlock
Choose the right block to stand on to not fall to void

🟥 Minecraft Vampirism:
Version forge 1.16.5.